Apartment Living As A Dog Family

Follow these apartment living tips for a happy, healthy life as a dog family.

• Outdoor space will be limited in an apartment complex, so scope out the territory for parks and available grassland for walks and play. Be sure to take waste-scooping materials when you and your dog venture outside.

• Training is very important to make your dog a good neighbor and to help keep him safe. Immediate obedience to commands like "Down" and "Come" may save your dog's life if he slips out of his collar or his leash is dropped in a busy area, especially one with vehicular traffic.

• Dogs and in particular puppies are often startled by the unpredictable nature of urban areas. Help reassure your dog that urban sights and sounds are non-threatening by remaining calm and "happy" when unexpected and startling things happen. Praise and help reinforce your dog's positive, controlled behavior in these situations.

• With proper care, training, and management, even seemingly unlikely breeds and breed mixes can cope with urban living. Although dogs need room to run, more importantly they need your interaction and attention. And those can be given in any environment.

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