How Do I Stop My Dog From Begging?

You sit down to a family dinner, and find your dog going from family member to family member, asking for a bite of their food. Sound familiar? While begging may seem cute at first, it can lead to bigger problems like jumping, pawing and even growling.

Why Dogs Beg
You may be surprised to learn that begging is actually a learned behavior. That means that whether one of the kids have been sneaking their veggies under the table or you just can’t resist sharing when it comes to those big, puppy dog eyes, someone has taught the dog that begging works. However, it’s a behavior that can be corrected easily.

How To Stop Begging

• Shower your dog with love and affection NOT table scraps.

• Feed your dog at the same times every day. This way he’ll learn when it’s time to eat and when it’s not.

• Make your family dinnertime your dog’s dinnertime too. Just make sure to keep his bowl far away from the dinner table.

• Give your dog his favorite toy to play with to keep him distracted through dinner.

• Simply ignore your dog when he is begging and do not make eye contact.

• Be consistent. If you give in after a half hour, you’ve just taught your dog to beg for at least a half hour to get what he wants.

• Make sure everyone in your family is on the same page. The only way to get your dog to stop begging is to show him that it doesn’t pay off.

Reward your dog for being quiet and well behaved.

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