Games to Play with Puppies

Make it a family game night! Games are fun, bring your family closer together, and teach your puppy special skills like retrieving, searching and obedience.

• Fetch is favorite game that can teach your puppy to come when called, and to retrieve the newspaper or your slippers if you’re so inclined.

• Find the Toy games teach your puppy to rely on his sense of smell, and to use his brain. They can also prepare him for tracking.

• Tug-of-War. This is a favorite game and can actually be a great tool to help you train your puppy to drop a toy on command.

• Agility Games are a great way to burn off calories and energy, and increase your puppy’s coordination and confidence. Dogs love the challenge of jumping, negotiating obstacles and getting the praise you give when they do well.

Get Creative! Have everyone in the family develop their own variations of these games to play with your puppy. In the end, games are about the connection between your family and your puppy.

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