Nutrition for Puppies

They grow up before you know it, but do you know just how fast? In just one year (two for large breeds), your puppy is going to achieve roughly the same amount of development that children do in their first 14 years!

So, what happens during this period of time?

• Bone and joint growth to full size
• Muscle development and growth
• Internal organ growth
• Immune system development
• Cognitive development and brain growth

With all of that growth and development, you better believe your puppy has special nutritional needs. These are some of the essential nutrients your puppy needs:

• Protein – The source of amino acids, which are key building blocks of muscle, skin, coat, organs and other tissues. During this period of growth, a puppy needs abundant protein.

• Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D – Necessary nutrients for healthy bones and teeth. They must be present in the proper ratio to support appropriate growth of bones and teeth.

• Omega Fatty Acids, including Linoleic acid – Help promote a healthy immune system and keep your puppy's skin and coat healthy.

Don’t worry, Purina's nutritionists have created Purina® Puppy Chow® brand puppy food that has all of the nutrition your puppy needs for proper growth and development. Plus DHA, also found in mother’s milk, for brain and vision health.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts when feeding your puppy:

• DO follow the feeding guidelines.

• DON'T feed your puppy from the table. Not only does “people food” add unnecessary calories, but once your pup tastes a delicious steak, he may not want to eat his dog food anymore! Even worse, you might find him at the table begging for more!

• DO gradually mix the new food in with the old over 7-10 days if you have to change foods.

• DO feed your dog at the same time(s) every day following the feeding guidelines. See feeding guidelines for each product here

• DO make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water available at all times.

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