Nutrition for Senior Dogs

When your dog moves into his senior years—usually around age seven or older (five years for large breed dogs), it’s important to provide him with specialized nutrition such as Purina® Active Senior 7+ brand adult dog food for his mature dogs needs.

Signs of a Senior Dog

• Graying muzzle or coat – or other coat conditions that weren’t there before

• Slowing down and staying down – less energy, trouble getting up or limping

• Sleeping more – a common trait that comes with aging

• Changing habits – including play preferences and eating or drinking habits

• Change in weight – some dogs gain weight as they age while others lose

• Bad breath – a sign of dental and gum problems, sometimes exacerbated by age

• Hearing or vision changes – like humans, senses can dull over time

If you see these signs, you should consult your vet. There may be options to help treat or reduce the symptoms. Also, these signs could be related to an issue besides aging.

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