Dog Allergies

Helping your dog live a long, happy, healthy life goes beyond just the food you feed. Like humans, dog allergies can appear for many different reasons.

What Is An Allergy?
Dog allergies are hypersensitivity reactions to external factors. Signs can include scratching, stomach upsets, sneezing, rashes and other unusual behaviors.

Your vet can tell the difference between dog allergies and normal dog behavior. If it is an allergy, the vet will try to identify what is causing it and help control the signs of allergies in your dog.

Some common causes of allergies include pollen, dust, mold, fleas and although not common, some food ingredients.

The goal of managing dog allergies is to control signs and make your dog comfortable. In most cases, avoiding what causes it is enough.

In cases where the cause can’t be identified or avoided, medications or injections may be needed to help control signs of dog allergies. Only your vet can tell you the proper course.

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