The Neighborly Way

Your neighborhood is your safe haven for the whole family, including your dog. It’s that familiar place where day to day life unfolds. And it’s the same for your neighbors and their dogs.

So what better way to socialize with the locals than by taking a stroll with your pooch? For one, you get to see some of your friends (or even take a peek at who might be fashioning a new car), and your dog gets to see and smell all sorts of new and interesting things as well.

Now, you probably already know that establishing good neighbor relations means being respectful of other peoples’ property and wellbeing. This goes for your canine loved one as well. Here are a few helpful tips that will help keep your neighbors happy when you’re out and about with your dog:

Keep your dog off private property

When you walk your dog, keep him off of private property, unless you have permission from the owner first.

Pick up after your dog

Pick up your dog’s waste promptly all the time, and everyone will be happier. If you have kids, this task could be an opportunity to learn about responsibility.

Prevent fence running and barking

If your dog does this, particularly if he is a large breed dog, it could be something your neighbors don’t appreciate. Supervise closely during social hour.

Manage barking

If your dog is barking outside, bring him in. If he barks inside and you can’t control it, it’s time to get some professional training. After all, minimal barking makes for minimal headaches all around.

Keep your dog on a leash

It may seem like common sense, but allowing your dog to run loose outdoors can be dangerous for him, and possibly for others in the neighborhood. Even if your dog is impeccably behaved, it’s still a good idea to keep him on a leash for safety reasons.

Keep your dog healthy

Help keep your dog well-nourished by feeding a nutritionally complete and balanced dog food. Take your dog to the veterinarian regularly to keep his vaccinations current, and be certain he is free from internal and external parasites and is in general good health.


Proper identification for your dog is important. Dogs should wear collars with an identification tag. Be sure to follow your city’s rules and regulations regarding dog registration.

Most importantly, socialize and have fun! Introduce your dog to other neighborhood dogs. Go for group walks or take a trip to the dog park with other owners in your area. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, and your dog may enjoy the company of a new playmate or two.

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