What to Consider When Choosing Toys for Teething Puppies

One of your puppy's "jobs" is to chew. It may relieve some of the pain of teething, it may be the practice of feeding skills, it may be just something to do, but chewing is a huge part of puppy's first year. Your job is to supply appropriate toys for chewing so he won't choose your shoes. 

Squeaky toys, rattling toys, and those with bells are great fun. Most such toys are also destructible, so monitor your puppy if he has moved into a destructive phase. Squeakers and nylon pieces are better in the toy and as part of the toy than in your puppy - so don't let him chew and swallow any pieces. 

Toys made of hard rubber are sturdy and come in various shapes and sizes. Insert a biscuit treat or peanut butter into rubber toys with holes to get him to work for the prize! To aid in cleaning puppy's teeth, choose dental toys or chews that are made with bumps and grooves.

Rotate the toys puppy plays with each week, otherwise, he may get bored and ignore them in favor of something new, like your sneakers. Also, make sure every member of your family spends a little one-on-one time playing with puppy, so they can form a special bond with one another.

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