Adopting a New Member of the Family

Are you thinking about picking out a new puppy or dog together as a family? If so, that’s great! And there are a number of options for doing so. Some families use their network of friends. Others buy from breeders or pet stores. And then, there are those families that choose to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter.

Adopting From Animal Shelters

Some people will only use animal shelters as they are dedicated to preserving and protecting the welfare of lost or abandoned animals. Shelters can help guide you to either a purebred, or a mixed-breed dog, depending on the needs of your family.

In addition to the hands-on help and dog adoption opportunities they offer, shelters benefit the whole community. They provide for homeless animals, placing them in good homes, and generally improving the quality of life for pets in the area.

Adopting from a Breeder or Pet Store

Some families go another route. Sometimes people want a specific breed for their home. And that means finding a good breeder. Good breeders are committed to improving the breed. They are careful about the process and generally have healthy, well-cared-for dogs. To find a good breeder, ask your veterinarian, or ask other dog owners for referrals. Some breeders also advertise their dogs in magazines and on the internet. However, a solid referral us usually the best way to find a good fit for your family.

Then there are pet stores. Some families find it convenient to simply go to the local pet shop and pick out their new companion. It all depends on your family’s wants and needs.

Adopting a new dog can be a wonderful, magical experience for the whole family. Whether you find your dog at a shelter, a pet store, or use a breeder, it’s one of those times in life where the family becomes closer. Because once you adopt a dog, there’s a whole new level of love to share and enjoy with each other.

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