Best Senior Dog Food

As your dog matures, usually around 7 years of age (5 years for large breed dogs), he may benefit from a food that is specially formulated for senior dogs. Changing habits including play preferences, sleep and changes in energy level can be indicators that your dog is moving into his senior years. Changes in physical traits such as a graying muzzle or coat, change in weight and hearing or vision changes could also be indicators of a maturing dog.

It’s common to ask, “What is the best senior dog food for my dog?” The best food for senior dogs is one that is specially formulated to help support lean muscle mass, everyday vitality, and energy.

Purina Active Senior 7+ has 100% of the Essential Nutrients and Glucosamine to help your dog remain his healthy, active best. Protein-rich nutrition helps maintain lean muscles, and 23 Vitamins & Minerals, including antioxidants, help support everyday vitality.

As your dog ages, help keep you dog happy and healthy by feeding food specially formulated to help your mature dog be his best every day.

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