When to Switch to Senior Dog Food

As your dog matures, usually around 7 years of age (5 years for large breed dogs), he may benefit from a food that is specially formulated for senior dogs. The best food for senior dogs is one that is specially formulated to help support lean muscle mass, everyday vitality, and energy.

If your dog is beginning to exhibit signs of being a senior dog he may benefit from switching to a Senior Dog.

Signs of a Senior Dog

• Graying muzzle or coat

• Changes in energy levels

• Sleeping more

• Changing habits – including play preferences

• Change in weight – some dogs gain weight as they age while others lose

• Bad breath

• Hearing or vision changes

Purina Active Senior 7+ is specially formulated with mature dogs in mind. It has 100% of the Essential Nutrients and Glucosamine to help support an active life, protein-rich-nutrition to help maintain lean muscles, 23 Vitamins & Minerals including Antioxidants to help support everyday vitality, and easy-to-chew, soft & crunchy bites.

When switching dog foods, remember to ease your dog into the transition. Gradually mix the new food in with the old over 7-10 days to get your dog used to the new senior dog food to help avoid digestive upset. Feed the appropriate amount based on your dog’s weight. Find out the right amount of food to feed your dog based on his weight.

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