Purina® Dog Chow® Brand Dog Food Complete & Balanced

Made with whole grains, high quality sources of protein, and 23 vitamins and minerals including antioxidants. Every bowl contains a great taste and texture, plus 100% of the essential nutrients your dog needs to help him stay healthy and happy day after day.

Total Care Benefits:

  • Supports a Healthy, Active Life
  • Supports Everyday Resilience
  • Supports Healthy Teeth and Bones

Our Nutrition


100% of the Essential Nutrients

to help support a healthy, active life

High Quality Protein

for strong muscles

Highly digestible

to help your dog be his best

Our Ingredients:

This formula provides total care nutrition for your dog.

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Guaranteed Analysis:

21% Crude Protein
10% Crude Fat
4.5% Crude Fiber
12% Moisture
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Feeding Your Dog

Recommended Feeding:

(Using a standard 8 oz measuring cup)

3 to

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